written and directed by David Shum

A young man moves back home with his estranged father after a misfortune. Along the way he befriends a troubled teenage girl. Coming to terms with life and all the craziness, these tragic hearts struggle to find their place in this funny and heartwarming coming of age story.

FILM INFORMATION (updated regularly)
Location: Las Vegas
Time Frame: Beginning of 2017
Paid and Non-Union
Low Budget
Everyone working/volunteering will be credited

Lead Actress Needed:
- Melody - caucasian, late-teen, a hardheaded girl -- troubled and heartbroken. (CLOSED)

Support Actors Needed:
- Winston - a young easygoing stoner; chill and friendly with a dark and funny sense of humor. (CLOSED)
- Frank - caucasian, 40’s, quirky and lovable father. A genuinely good man. (CLOSED)
- Jacob - caucasian, 20's, older brother, cocky and arrogant.
- Kate - caucasian, early 30's, an overbearing mother and older sister. 
- Charles - caucasian, early 30's, loving father with a passive attitude and is secretly depressed. (CLOSED)

Production Members Needed: (TEMP CLOSED) 
- Sound Person/Boom - record sound and dialogue on/off set.
- Camera Operator - works closely with Director on cinematography.
- Assistants - will help on/off set with props, lighting, equipment, and when needed.
- Volunteers - will help on/off set with props, lighting, equipment, and when needed. 

Welcome to ‘the’ film project you’ve been waiting for. My hope for this film is bringing it to Hollywood. If you have the same passion and drive for success as I, then this could be the one. I am a longtime screenwriter and a first time Director. I believe in great storytelling and creating characters we fall in love with. To me, these are the pinnacle of a successful movie. We are looking for honest, hardworking, and humble people to join the team. If you are that, then let’s make dreams happen.

Your Director,
David Shum